About us

CEO Message

Delivering beyond expectations and putting customers first is our first priority


Our Core Values

We have the fundamental beliefs and principles which guides the behavior and decision-making of our company. The Core values we share in our company are:


A commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all of our business dealings and a focus on understanding and meeting the meets of our customers in a transparency way.


A dedication to creativity, curiosity, and continuous improvement, fostering a culture of innovation that drives our company forward. We have a firm believe on putting innovation in our all business dealing.


A commitment to achieving high standards of performance, quality, and professionalism, striving for excellence in all aspects of our business.


A commitment to collaboration, communication, and cooperation among all of our team members, fostering a positive work environment and a sense of community within the organization.


A willingness to take responsibility for all actions and outcomes we take, delivering on commitments, and holding oneself and others accountable for meeting goals and objectives.


A commitment to treating all of our staff with dignity, empathy, and respect, valuing diversity and inclusivity, and fostering a culture of trust and mutual respect.

Life at JC-Companies

JC-Companies is like a clan where we cherish every employee as a prime member of our family. We in JC-Companies appraise and foster responsible and ethical behaviors. We deal our businesses and customers in a transparent and sincere way and we bestow our finest to brace good causes for both the environment and economy of our company. We dispense a specialist, genial, and advanced workplace where our employees are accomplished in a mastery manner with respect. We consider in team work and at JC-Companies, our skilled teammates support each other in every step we take here and that is why we are ensure every employee’s empowerment and growth. We are giving them a best environment, where they have a great time to enhance their creative side. We believe that bringing out the best in a team begins with treating them well, once you become a member of JC family, market competitive benefits will be offered to you with flexible working shifts, paid leaves, Emergency medical support and much more to our admirable employees.


Our Team

Syed Muhammad Ali Riaz

Head of HR and Administration

Ahmed Hashir

Group Deputy Manager Finance & Accounts

Taha Raza

Software Developer

Zainab Fatima


Syed Danial Ali

Software Developer

Muhammad Waseem

Team Leader