Our Services


IT SERVICES With JC technologies, we assist companies in achieving growth in a seamless manner through our technology optimization and process innovation. We are here to provide you assistance in your business systems’ life cycle. With the assistance provided by JC technologies, you will be able to plan, develop, manage and support your business in ways that will prove to be profitable for you. Our team provide you with incredible solutions by utilization of specialized technology solutions, including ZYNX technologies and info technologies.


With call centre services provided by JC companies you can now outsource your customer support function to us. With our innovative and flexible approach, as well as the on-demand support we will deliver extraordinary performance for you. We bring a seamless, customized and consistent top-notch experience to your customer. This in turn will result in more trust and loyalty from your customer’s side towards you.


TRAVEL SERVICES With JC Travel services we ensure you will have a serene and delightful experience. Our travel professionals are experienced and dedicated to provide you with the most incredible services. We will provide you with the most impeccable travel management services. Our unique travel products and solutions are of top-notch quality and great value for your money. We are here with VISA related services, flights arrangement and economical packages for you.


With JC companies you will get the perfect plan for your holidays. We have a team of travel experts who are consistent in providing you with high standard services when it comes to holiday planning. You will be receiving tailor-made travel options when you choose JC holidays for your travel time. With our innovative approach to serve you and bring delight in your holiday time your whole journey and experience will be marvellous. Be it your transfer service, hotel bookings, or your tour plans around the place, JC holidays have it all covered for you.